On the Horizontal

It's 3:30 pm on a Wednesday and I am stretched out on the couch. Settling in for an afternoon nap and confessing that I have been in this horizontal position for much of the afternoon. Craving silence... on the inside, and finding myself chanting om gum ganapatayeh namaha anytime that I feel the need to be "doing" something or desiring that which is outside of myself to be different than it is right now. Praying for the paths to be made passable...

I had a lovely conversation with a friend a couple of days back. I voiced that I have felt disjointed at times about how I cannot always see the path that I am intended to walk... It's like I can SEE where I am intended to go, but the path is overgrown or maybe it isn't yet created. My friend said something interesting. She said, "is it possible that you don't need to have the path clearly outlined for you anymore? That as your intuition strengthens, the inner knowing gets stronger, so the outer knowing or obvious direction isn't as necessary?" I felt one of those inner alarms go off that resonated with what I know to be true for myself.

Back to being horizontal... and granting my body the silence it is requesting...