Thoughts Become Things

Often we find ourselves facing a storm worthy of weathering in life and opt to do so alone. And yet when we reach out, we find that we don't have to do it alone.... Last Saturday I received a phone call from a friend/student who had tracked my down just as I was entering the studio to teach. He called specifically to request healing thoughts and good energy for his wife who was in ICU just a few miles away. I choose to believe that the thoughts and prayers we, 100 strong, sent her way, are in part, responsible for her ongoing recovery.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a position where loving kindness, good thoughts, and healing intentions could do us a world of good, and sometimes we ask for support... and sometimes we don't. Sometimes we need serious divine intervention... when someone we love is struggling or we, ourselves, are suffering deeply... And sometimes, life is going pretty well... and we just know that there is something that needs to shift in order for us to flourish and blossom... maybe its a "repotting"... or just a good "pruning"... just the same, we feel the compelling need for something to shift so we are free to grow.

I am at that place... My life is blessed, no doubt. Health, family, and everything else is good, good, good, good. And I know that part of the reason my life is so darn good at this time, is simply because I am called to be my best so I am able to support and help others as they are facing challenges and struggles that are tiresome and painful. It's just one of those things that I know to be true.

I also know that although my life is very good, that there is a longing that I have in my heart... one that I share with my husband... that longing is to get a "divine nudge" toward what is next.... Some of you know that we seek to create a smaller retreat center than we currently own, so we are able to host smaller retreats and gatherings. We dream of a house in the country where we can house upwards of 20 (versus 500 as at Cedar Ridge) and to live and serve sustainably.

This being said, I am "putting it out into the universe" for anyone who is called to send us good thoughts and little energetic nudges so that we might sell our house and also sell Cedar Ridge.

You see, we envision rest, education, canning, sustainability, making cheese, harvesting fruit and making chutneys. We see ourselves sharing and laughing and inspiring one another... on a sustainable yoga farm...a simple living B&B....

And so, this is a universal request for good thoughts so that our thoughts may become the things that dreams are made of... as you feel inspired, and if it feels right in your heart...

Similarly, there is no perfect time to send out that "divine nudge" for someone who is in need or is seeking shift... as well as to ask for what you need in terms of your own movement so that you may also feel open, receptive, and ready for what is next.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, feel inspired and then send out the luuuuuv... and at the end of each exhale, feel the inhale move you... and receive universal love within you.

It's a great way to juice up the airspace!

Much love and appreciation, now and always....