I Awaken

Miguel Angel Ruiz is a shaman and poet that has inspired me through his work. The following poem is one that calls me to embrace each morning, follow my happiness, and the call to Awaken....

I awaken
and nothing is the same
for the first time
I open my eyes
These eyes of mine
I long believed could see
And find that all I know as true
Was nothing but a false dream

Then, like a radient star
The Angel of Death
The Angel of Life became
and transformed my dream
From drama of fear
To a joyful comedy

So surprised, I ask the angel
"Am I dead?"
"Yes", for these many years
Though your heart beats on
Your mind slept in teh grave of illusion
Unconscious of your divinity

"Now with heart beating and body breathing
Your mind has awakened
Renewed, your eyes
Admire the beauty awaiting you

"Your divine awareness awakens
All the love in your being
Hating and fearing foresaken
Gone are the guilt and blame
Your soul forgives
Your divinity lives"

My eyes, in fascination
Stare at the Angel
Sensing the truth waking in me
I surrender, willingly
Without condition
Humbly receiving
Death and Life
I release all claim
and with new eyes
See my eternal love....

~ Miguel Angel Ruiz