Britt's Yoga Schedule

As many have asked, here are the details regarding where and when I teach:

M/W 5:30 pm - 7 pm
Amrita Sanctuary

Your first class is free if you come with a pass from me. I am happy to meet you in the parking lot beforehand if you want to come check it out and do not have a pass, just give me a call on my cell phone before 5:00 pm on the day you are wanting to come to class.

There are many options for classes at Amrita, one that may be perfect for the summer is to purchase a 12 class punch card for $140. You may use it to attend my classes or any of the other exceptional classes offered at Amrita. Sarahjoy Marsh, the owner and teacher trainer of Amrita, is one of the most meticulous trainers I have met, and her teaching (as well as the teaching of those who have graduated from her program) is guaranteed to inspire your practice. Amrita is a lovely studio and a beautiful yoga community. Come check it out. It's free.

I also teach:
11 am - 12:30 pm
Clubsport (in Tualatin)

For the most part, one must be a member, but you can have a complimentary pass mailed to you by going to the website and requesting a pass. You can also purchase a drop in pass for $15 if accompanied by a member, and I know a lot of members who would be happy to sponsor you. For this facility, just give me a head's up a day or so before-hand and I will gladly connect you with someone to sponsor your visit.

I also teach Nia M/W at 8:30 am and 10 am Saturday at ClubSport. It's a hoot of a dance party to say the least! You can even make a whole Saturday morning of it if you fancy!

I welcome you in any of my classes and hope to see you soon.