What We Worship is What we Become

"What we worship is what we become" is a quote from the ancient Vedas. The Vedas, a more than 5,000 years old text out of India, is considered by yogis to be the oldest book in the world. This text is the source of all we know about Yoga, Ayurveda, and even the basic laws of science. It is my reminder that everything has all been here, all along. And, that as we explore what is before us, we begin to realize that we are not "learning" anything new really, but rather, we are in a constant state of removing our narcoleptic, amnesiac tendencies. We are waking up and remembering who we truly are with each conscious moment.

Today was my first day back teaching on U.S. soil. Thank you so many of you for being there. And for those of you who wanted to come but could not, may we see one another again soon--as your absence was missed.

My heart felt so full of love as we danced, breathed, and moved together. I felt the evolution in the room... the grace, the changes that have taken place, the growth, the love. I also felt the pain, the nervousness, the thinking... amidst the joy and the wonder.

It dawned on me the importance of knowing what we are feeling... and owning it. Whatever that may be. If we feel disappointed from an experience... but something tells us that we shouldn't be disappointed for whatever reason, this stifling prohibits our opening to the opportunity to move through it, and embrace it. And so instead of nourishing our growth, it because stagnant. It becomes waste. Similarly, if we are sad, and resist this sadness, the resistance transforms the richness of this emotion into toxicity. Instead, our ongoing practice is to feel what we feel. Accept what we feel. And embrace the rainbow of emotions that accompanies us throughout our lives. Simply let it move through, and in doing so, you will realize the power of doing so. You will know the power of conscious awareness. It is when we practice non-resistance that the feelings that do not serve us can move through us freely and not get "stuck" or harbored somewhere within us. When we feel what comes our way, and allow it to move through us, we are left with a residual peace and openness. And this is what we want to be living in our bodies: peace and openness, regardless of what is swarming around us.

Whatever predominates us on the inside is what "lives" within us. That which is consumed by us and contained within each of us directs our thoughts, feelings, and actions. What is within us directly relates to what we feel is worthy of our attention. And what we direct our attention toward becomes what we find worthy. IT is a circle of whatever we choose it to be... Love, peace, wonder... or Fear, avoidance, and clinging.

Further, what we perceive as worthy translates into what we "worship". If beauty is important, we worship it. If our need for security predominates, then that is what we worship. If being something other than what we are in this moment is what we attend to in our minds, hearts, and actions, then it is this innately limited "becoming" that we worship. We benefit greatly by being clear about what occupies our hearts, minds, and actions. As we become more clear about what is important to us, and align our thoughts, feelings and actions with those values, we soon realize that there are very few things, if not only one, that will bring us to a place of pure, undeniable, unchangeable grace. And when we identify this in our lives, we walk a clear path toward Moksha... liberation from pain and suffering. We see life as wonderous and fluid, and we realize that when emotions come that don't feel so good, that they are part of the richness of the journey and that they need not guide us, but instead that they can be our teachers, and as soon as we embrace their teachings, they move on.

Whatever it is you are spending your time and life energy on today, ask yourself, "Does this satisfy me absolutely?" And then ask yourself "Will it ever satisfy me absolutely?" If the answer is "no".... keep searching. If it does not satisfy you completely or have the potential to satisfy you completely, lay it down. Lay it down and consciously direct your energy to what you seek to workship, what will satisfy you absolutely now and always.

The Vedas tell us that what we worship, we become. Whatever we choose, may we do so consciously, and may we be awake and alert as we choose.

Each day, same time same place, create a practice for raising your awareness: journal, practice, pray and lay down what will not satify you. That which you seek will grow in this garden of fertile, rich soil... and we will be peaceful with full belly.