The Ubud "Ashram"

Uma, our teacher, joins us for breakfast. Ubud, the town where we stayed, means "medicine" in Indonesian. I believe the entire place and its people are just that... medicine for the soul. But it wasn't an ashram. It was a way of life, in a city like so many others across the planet... but just a little bit different.....

Ashram? Only from the inside looking out....

There are times that our perception of a story or experience is completely different than its reality. My time in Ubud was indeed rich with yoga and ayurveda, incredible teachings and unexplainable experiences. At the same time, it definitely had its own flavor of "normalcy" to which most of you who stayed in the U.S. can relate.

This photo is of the "three stooges" as we were, in our tri-weekly ritual of going to Kafe for breakfast and a chat. My husband, Uma, my lovely teacher, and me. The Kafe is owned by a couple named Megan and Ketut. Megan is from New York, and Ketut is Balinese. This little Kafe was one of our favorite stops, with its fresh and diverse menu, healthy drinks and people from all over the globe wandering through its doors. It is a vortex for seekers, looking for yoga, inspiration, culture and community.

I hope to sit with you there some time in the future... The buckwheat pancakes and "green cooler" drink are quite tasty.