The Nature of our Nature


When I was a little girl, I remember lying on the hillside, looking up at the sky and watching the clouds transform the sky. I remember feeling how the earth was supporting me as I rested, arms and legs outstretched, on my back. At the same time, I could feel the life of the grass beneath me, poking and tickling me. Everything simultaneously holding me and stimulating me. I felt supported, open, full of life, relaxed and free.

Rodney Yee, in his book, "Yoga: The Poetry of the Body", speaks of how our bodies and our minds are still of that nature -- we still feel enlivened and nourished by our connection to the earth... the floor... to the mat. We walk around the world in our rubber-soled shoes on concrete sidewalks and into buildings with fluorescent lighting. The rubber and concrete insulate us from the earth, and the ceilings and artificial lighting insulate us from the sky, the sun, and the ethers.

The simple act of taking off our shoes, resting on the ground or the mat, spreading our fingers and toes, reaching our hands and eyes to the sky in an environment that honors and reflects nature brings us back to our Source, to our own "nature" of peace and contentment within.

What other ground is there for us to stand upon? The grace of being a two-legger on a gravity-based planet provides us with an earth that grounds us and a sky that enlightens us. Yoga, in every sense, allows us to feel the same as we felt as children: totally supported, free, alive, and joyful.

Beginning Monday, May 18th, I will begin teaching a Classical Hatha Yoga class at Amrita Sanctuary for Yoga.

Classes will be held Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM and are a lovely opportunity for both beginners to delve into the richness provided through Yoga, and for advanced practitioners to deepen their sadhana. That yoga can be shared by everyone is the gift of Classical Hatha.

If you have questions about the studio, location, price of classes, etc. You may contact the studio directly at:

Amrita Sanctuary for Yoga
503.552.YOGA (9642)

0110 SW Bancroft St (at the corner of SW Bancroft & SW Corbett Ave)
Portland, OR

Office Hours (may vary a bit)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday from 8:30am - 5:30pm

If you have questions about the classes specifically, you are welcome to email me directly at