Moving into Consciousness

Namaste from these United States...

Returning home, I expected to be "culture-shocked". Instead, I feel a deep sense of peace and a gratitude beyond measure for the experience I have had, the teachings I have received, and the time I have been given to practice for hours and hours, and meditate on the planting of the rice paddy or the priest as he Oms the morning into the village each dawn.

Coming home, I realize more fully what no textbook could teach me: Yoga is not a "learned" thing. It is an embodiment. It teaches us to use the body as an instrument, the inner instrument or antikarna. We learn that through the practice of yoga )or dance) in a conscious way, we learn to master the body... this part here, that part there. These toes facing that direction, this elbow extended, this bone parallel to the floor, that bone perpendicular to that other bone... Then, in time, we slow down our movements, our yoga, and realize that the body is the instrument through which we play this dance of consciousness. Then, comes the breath. We realize the breath not only supports us in mastering the body, but that mastery can only happen when it rides on the breath. As my teacher, Uma, tells me, "If you are not relaxed, you are not doing yoga. You are merely stretching your body." And then, once we feel the breath, we can direct it... And when we direct the breath, we realize that we can tap into a world of conscious energy that has always been there, but was undetectable before we befriended the breath. And this is where the magic really shows us.... Now, we have tapped into the realm of energy. In this place we realize that all of our parts and pieces in our body are reduced from part, to system, to organ, to organelle, to cell to atom to sub-atomic particle, to vibration, to Light. And when we can see and feel this Light, we realize... literally "REALIZE" that anything is possible... we can feel as we choose, with practice. We can heal, as we choose, with practice.

And so, coming back to the U.S. I feel the changes that have taken place on this land since my last visit. I can feel the challenges that permeates hearts, minds, and bodies. And I know, more than ever, that Peace is a choice. Choose to practice, and Peace arrives.

Write here...Right here... on this blog when you are able. Or email me if you prefer. I would love to hear the questions that beckon your heart, and the challenges you face so that we may explore this practice of peace-making together. Your emails and questions are what inspire the juciest nectar on these pages.

Upcoming Event:
Soon, I will be organizing a "Kitchen Clinic" class at my home. A healthy cooking class that integrates yogic and ayurvedic principles with conscious cooking. Like the upcoming Sattva retreat in June, this class will be priced to meet basic material needs and an opportunity to practice Dana will be made available. Stay tuned, as details will be posted here.

I return to my regularly scheduled classes at ClubSport tomorrow, Saturday, and look forward to the journey. I do hope you can join me.

Much love. Thank you for welcoming me home.