Namaste Dear Ones.

13 hours and counting down before we head to the airport to journey home to Portland. These last moments in Ubud have reminded me to stay in this moment, every moment and to savor the essence of what surrounds me.

Yoga this morning, overlooking the rice farmers planting their rice starts, unwilling to be caught up in the sadness that this last morning greeting from my teacher evoked.... Driving through Ubud. Eating dinner with our new Balinese friends at a local restaurant and then going to their "house" (a room with a little balcony sans kitchen) and having Wayan tell us "this is the first time we eat dinner with boulay (tourist) and the first time we have boulay at our house... I was so nervous!" And as we pulled away on our motorbike under the bright starry sky, he said, "we wait for you to come back to Bali."

How do words describe this richness? The conversations that ooze with meaning and passionate purpose? The food that is natural, whole, and always fresh. The smiles, the prayers, the ceremony, the honoring of the moon and the Gods. The Om of the high priests that break the dawn near 5 am every morning across the valley. The yoga, the Jamu (traditional Balinese healing). The inevitable grace. It is in my bones now.

All of this is Sattva. Sattva is harmony. Truth. Joy in its essence. It is Love. Appreciation. Grace. And simplicity. It is what lives within us when we take the time to peel away the years of identification and image that we have worked so hard to create in its fallacy. It is balance. Vitality. Richness. And it is always here.

Less than 13 hours now, and we journey home. Ibu Britt and Pak Larry heading back to the Pacific Northwest. May we practice together when we return. May our sadhana be refreshed each morning when we awaken and reflected upon each evening when we return to deep sleep.

Nothing can inspire me more than this moment in this life. This is Sattva. This is all that matters. This is Love.