Michael Franti... A Little Bit of Love

How blessed are we? Let me just give you one, sweet, example...

Last Friday, Larry and I were graced with the opportunity to practice yoga and chat a bit with Michael Franti. It is my belief that there are not many more beautiful, nor potent, people on the planet than He.

He shared that he is committed to dedicating his energy to doing his part to make it possible for President Obama to do what HE has promised us that he would set out to do. A reprogramming, of sorts, is what Michael said. He spoke about how Obama is one man, one human being, who cannot possibly fulfill all expectations of a world with more than 8 billion people (and let me assure you, President Obama is perceived by many, many non-Americans as THEIR hope too). So, instead of directing energy to determine where, when and how he might falter, Michael offered that in this reprogramming, we each do our own part to create a loving world. He also told us that he is building a lovely studio and villa complex here.... for hosting retreats (and for others to do the same). Hhhhmmm... I do believe I see a yoga retreat in our future... wanna come to Bali anyone??

Then, the next night, we went to his acoustic concert with 1000+ of the most lovely people we have experienced in Ubud. It was at a private estate amidst a huge bamboo reserve. It was incredibly beautiful, and the stars and company was absolutely breath-taking. People from all over the planet, loving, laughing, singing, dancing and sharing their magic with one another. I even stayed out past 9 pm.

He ended his concert by saying, "Stand firm and Stay peaceful. Power to the Peaceful!"

If you have not yet checked out Michael's work, and his work with Spearhead, I encourage you to do so. He is a "rebel rocker" no doubt and his message is love love love. His website is michaelfranti.com

And, as you know I know you know... there's nothing much else other than filling this world with Love worth thinking about.