Yoga means union. From the root "to yolk". Everything in life is an opportunity for us to deepen our "yoga", and through this, we find that individual differences, across cultural, economic, and age barriers melt away. When we commune with one another, we deepen community, and when we are in community, true community... we are in harmony and we are at peace.

Muslim or Christian children in this photo, I have no idea... We were on Bunaken Island, just north of the equator, where there were no tall white people but us... What I know is that these children loved me unconditionally and wanted a "portrait" with me. Open, open, open hearts teach us that if we have love and laughter, joy and community, and enough rice to fill our bellies, nothing else matters.

Hello Lovelies.

Thank you for the many responses in favor of an upcoming retreat for both men and women. I am inspired by so much interest.

Yoga Retreat Dates:
Thursday, June 11th, 6 pm -- Sunday, June 14, 1 pm

The weekend will be dedicated to the depth and breadth of Yoga. It will offer ways to deepen one's understanding and application of the ancient practice of yoga, both on and off the mat. It is for men and women, and anyone over the age of 17.

More details coming soon...

P.S. I am in search of musicians for the weekend (for Kirtan and campfire), if anyone knows a lovely drummer or a guitar player that would like to share their gifts (or if you are one???), please do share.