Pumpkin & White Dragon Eyeball Tea

And so we walked the streets of Bunaken... a place we had never even heard of before. One of the 17,000 islands that comprise Indonesia. And all I can say is that there are SO MANY PEOPLE on this planet it is overwhelming. This island was muslim and christian, living in community peacefully together. No LP (liquid propane), only electricity by generator, not one car, and more laughter, bright eyes, and singing men walking the streets than I have ever encountered in my life. We snorkeled every day and could hear muslims praying even with our faces under the water. Surreal and amazing. Chanting started at 4 am. It was really, really beautiful.

The above photo is of a woman on Bunaken cutting up pumpkin (pumpkin soup is a staple here it seems). The colors you witness here fill the village streets... And the "white dragon eyeball tea" was on a menu, and since I don't believe in dragons... I am pretty sure it was just a fancy name for tea with a kick. I didn't taste any dragon in it at all...