It's All Grace

When was the last time you wore a shirt so lovingly long that it looked like this? We were driving through the country when we came upon a conglomerate of rice paddies and their farmers and cattle working the land. Quite beautiful.

It's All Grace.
As we receive this day, may we remember that no matter what comes our way, it is all "prasadam". It is all grace. Everything that comes our way, particularly the painful and challenging experiences are opportunities for us to go deeper and to humble feel the richness of human life. When we swim in the "ocean of emotion", our work is to keep our head above water and go with the flow.

I am beginning to dream of what is possible when we arrive back in the states. I would love to hear from you. What are your visions?

I hope this message finds you enjoying the buoyancy of the ocean. It's a great ride, isn't it now?