Bali and Beyond

Bali: Quite breath taking, isn't it? This is what "old Bali" looks like. The tiers of paddies. Larry has been so inspired that he has even contracted a local farmer to plant black rice on a small parcel. His farming roots run deep. Just being on the land is rich with prana, light, and the reminders of simple living.

I am planning a retreat in June (the weekend of the 10th). The focus will be on Yoga as means of weathering the storms of life and will be for men and women. The price will be fixed for room and board, to cover basic expenses, and all curriculum will be donation-based. My hope is to share the expansive teachings of yoga for all who are interested, and to honor all spiritual paths along the way. Yoga is inclusive. My hope is that no one is left out due to price.

Beginning in May, you will also see offerings based in Ayurvedic Medicine and Cooking, Yoga workshops, and one on one sessions. Classes and sessions will be announced as they are confirmed. You are welcome to make requests for upcoming offerings as well.

May we be reminded that there are places on the planet and within our own hearts where everything is perfect. All is right. All is alright. Nourish your bodies, feed your soul, dance, and do yoga. Every moment is a choice. Let us choose wisely. There really isn't much more anyway. These times grace us with opportunities to learn and grow.


We are off to do some island hopping this week. Back next week with many more pictures. My Apple has returned from its holiday in Singapore... repaired and ready to go.