How Can I Be Helpful?

We have been in Bali for six days now. Last night was the first night I slept through. Waking at 4:30 am for the first time. The jungle sounds revealed Hindu priests chanting through the night, monkeys, birds, motorbikes, and many lively, unknown creatures sharing their voices. Our days are filled with morning meditation, journaling, reading, and then yoga practice. Since we have arrived, I have kept a pure diet of fruit smoothies throughout the day, and salad for dinner. It feels necessary as I integrate into this land.

One of the "meditations from the mat" that I am reading has left me feeling lighter. It is for us to notice when we are in an experience with another and thinking from the place of "I, me, mine" or "What is in it for me?" that we see if we might be able to quietly breathe, center our bodies, minds, and hearts, and then, instead, ask the question, "How Can I Be Helpful?"

So, as I am here, in Bali... I ask you the question, "How Can I Be Helpful?" What is it that you want to learn, hear about, and read about as we journey deeper here.

I would love to know.