Complex Simplification


First, be sure to read the FOLLOWING blog if you might be able to attend our potluck this Saturday evening. Angela has kindly offered to host this party at her house in West Linn. Her family will be there, so kids are also welcome in case you are wondering... (Kids make everything more interesting, don't you think?)

It is morning and still dark outside. A few moments ago I witnessed the headlight of a boat passing by our floating home, in the rain, hosting a crew team paddling behind. I always wonder what that is like for them. Cold? Rainy, of course. But it must be invigorating. Somehow it seems they are taking hold of the day...

As the light slowly rises, I am nestled up on the couch with a cup of tea. just in front of me is a hurricane of supplies for our upcoming 5 month journey. A few books, just enough clothes to get by (and a few that are old favorites that I can have remade at "sama same"--which means "same same" a tailor named Slow), kitchen supplies--like glass herb jars, kitchen towels, a new knife and two stainless steel pans, a handful of ayurvedic supplies, and then things like "real" Q-tips, earplugs for sleeping (dogs and motorbikes rule the night), and a few supplements from our naturopath, Dr. Bigelow, to help us get through the infamous "Bali Belly" if it happens to grace us while we are there.

This time, the last few days before traveling abroad are a combination of rushing around to make sure everything is set and "preparing to relax", as funny as that sounds. We know that when we get there, our biggest "job" will be to leave the parts of us behind that scurry around so often and insist upon being busy and all worked up, and to be still and open enough to let the light in... It will take us a couple of months to release the false sense of, "we have to DO something"... and rest into our human "being-ness" again. But once that happens, we find the whole world looks different. Simpler somehow. More connected. Nothing really changes on the outside, just our inner vision.

I imagine the winter will bring you a similar opportunity, if you choose to take it. As the rain falls, there is a natural cleansing that can occur. A washing away of what you no longer need, and an opportunity to see clearly what is before you, and within you, that needs to be dealt with... Winter is the best time to walk this sort of journey. It is made just for it. And although it may sound a bit funny, I am really looking forward to taking this journey WITH you, even though we will be across the globe from each other. I hope to hear your thoughts, dreams, and experiences, as you likely have no idea how much you inspire me in your mere and simple opening....

Looking forward to our dance together... here, in Bali, at the studio, and wherever else we hear the music.