Understated Winter Wonderland

A Christmas Day trek through the jungle... learning what fresh food and drink really means.

We hear it's Christmas, in some parts of the world, is it true? One might might never know for sure while basking in balmy breezes, eating papaya and drinking nectar fresh from young coconuts. But we'll believe you if you say it is so...

This being said, Merry Christmas, and may you find the thread of true meaning and dance close to it, not getting too caught up in the bustle, the busyness, or the dynamics that attempt to distract us from why we have truly come together.

So much of the Christmas season is "marinated in" the ritual of sharing food, with prayer and gratitude. In recognition of this, I want to share with you something you can bring with you into the many food ceremonies of this season and in the future. Possibly as your New Year's focus.

"from food, all beings are born. The plant, mineral and vegetable, with the waters of the oceans and the snows of the mountains become our muscle, bone, organ and nerve tissue. Our body weight is compromised entirely of the earth and its waters. Therefore, everything in the universe is food. And all things of the universe Divine. Food is the basis of life. It carries life-force and sustains the life of each body. Foods, too, are alive or dead, vital or depressed. Their energies, or lack thereof, are transferred from gardener to gather to cook to consumer. The type of food we seek reflects our level of care for our selves as well as our own personal development. From the nature of the food that we choose, our innocent, yet honest, stage of consciousness is revealed. Eating is our first and ever-revolving interaction with the environment outside of our selves: If the choices surrounding nourishment are not based upon love and harmony, our bodies will purely, and clearly reflect just that.

Right diet is the foundation of all healing. And at this time on the planet, there is healing needed all around us. Food is the first and most important form of medicine for the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Without right food, nothing else will have the same potency. Pure food creates balance, eliminates toxins, and helps to harmonize the body, mind, heart and spirit. Food selection, preparation, and consumption can be gluttonous, and "stuffing" or enlightening and sacred, aiming to bring the highest health to all aspects of each individual, maximizing our individual and collective potential for healing ourselves, our families, our communities and our world. Our choices can cleanse our bodies, raise our energy, and harmonize our mood and interactions with all those we touch." ~adapted from Dr. David Frawley

These are graceful times, with rich and nourishing opportunities for us to love deeply, awaken our compassion, and share moments with the people who walk this life path with us that can bring us to light, laughter, and Love, if done so with consciousness.

I send you all love and hope that you are warm, safe, dry, and with a comfortably full belly, rich with food that is unceasingly nourishing.