It is Elemental

Hello Dear Ones,

My 38th birthday and my blessed 4th wedding anniversary have both come and gone in the last week.  And I received beautiful gifts of gardenia plants and Balinese fabrics from those who love me.  What a blessing it is to be loved.  I do hope you all feel the same way.  Knowing that no matter where you are, you are loved, and that no matter where anyone else is, estranged or close to your heart, you can love them.  

This journey reminds me today of how we are of the earth.  The elements:  Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether.  And that in all of it is divine perfection, and in all spiritual traditions we are reminded of how we can connect to dance, ceremony, breath, and ritual.  To drink of the Prana of life.  To drink of the Blood of Christ.  To realize our connection to all that is, and to know that when we rest on the earth, we rest into the arms of our mama, and that we are supported.  In so many ways the earth is our mother.  This planet is responsible for our mass... the weight we each carry is the "fruit" of the earth, be it leaf, or grain, or flesh.  This 70% of our body that is liquid is the same pH as the oceans, and bears the same relative volume to the solid parts of our body, as the oceans bear volume to the land mass.  It is no mistake.  

And the earth is our Muladhara Chakra.  The earth, from feet to knees.  Solid, stable, and  supportive.  The water, our Swadisthana Chakra.  From knees to navel.  The fluid grace of our creative center, and home of procreation.  Our belly, and its fire, our Manipura, or "jewel center", where our will resides, our inner knowing and "gut feeling".  Our air, our lungs, and cariovascular system and throat, our wind, our breath, our voice, our sound, our cries, our expression of self through sound... Our Anahata Chakra (heart) and our Vishudha Chakra (throat).  And our ether, our Ajna, "the command center" where the brow meets the nose, the place from which we imagine our future, dream of our next becoming, and bring all that we dream into manifestation.  This is our ether, our "divine space" where we pray, chant, sing, call forth in humble service and love of what is pure and good.

The elements, they are of us and we are of them.  All God's creation.  All rich with perfection.  Whether we feel solid, stuck, or heavy, fluid, flowing, or turbulent, hot, firey, or explosive, flighty, seamless, or in natural response to our environment, or one with all, supported eternally by divinity, transcendent of this body, these challenges, this life... we are in perfect harmony.

This is what I know today.