Caffeine: The Final Rights

A sign reading "escape sling", meaning unknown, hangs on a glass door, and I know that I do not want to eat at the restaurant that translates into "Gruhl", but this is not Portland.  Indeed, this is Taipai. And we are almost to Bali!!!

It is somewhere around 3:20 pm Thursday in the U.S.  It is 7:20 am as I sit here in the Taipai airport.... the U.S. influence is overwhelming.  One story renditions of Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Hurley, Charlize Theron, and Antonio Banderas tower over us as I bumble around on marble everything, trying to determine if it is my day or my night or why I even bother wondering.
Oddly for me, Starbucks called my name, not because I ever succumb when I am home, but because I have made this commitment that once I get to Bali, I will not drink caffeine while I am there, except for the seldom social green tea or medicinal Ayurvedic chai.  There is also this subconscious part of me that is like a homing pigeon, constantly on the lookout for stuff from the U.S.  Starbucks is unfortunately one of those things, like it or not.   So, I buckled for the Latte, my first one in years, and my last one most certainly for years.   I got the little size and imagine I will take a few sips and mark it off my list of "things I will convince myself I will miss while in Bali."

As I sit here, I feel "fuzzy".  I can't believe we are doing this for six months.  I can't believe that I won't experience the warmth of my friends and students the same way I have come to know, I won't take an indoor shower, won't have screens on my windows, or tune into NPR in my car for six whopping months.   

I imagine that when we arrive in Sayan Village today, we will say our hello's to our Balinese family, Nuadi and Nyoman, and then settle into a moment of planning for how we would like to create our daily ritual.  I know that we will rise earlier than the sun, with the first rooster's call, meditate, do our yoga, eat a fresh tropical fruit breakfast with herbal tea, and then I will launch into my Ayurvedic studies.  Once I get a sense of what my days will look like, I will share the journey with you, and invite you to participate from where you are, to the degree you are moved to do so.

We must catch our connecting flight so I must go for now.

I will share with you a prayer I have transcribed into my Kamala Journal (the dream retreat center you are helping me manifest on the upper left hand corner of the BloomLetter Blog).

Whatever my appointed role may be, it was selected by the voice of the Divine, whose function is to speak for me as well.  Seeing my strengths exactly as they are, and equally aware of where they can best be applied, for what, to whom, & when.  God chooses and accepts my part for me, and does not work without my consent.  I become aware at last there is one voice in me.  And that one voice appoints my function, and relays it to me, giving me the strength to understand it, do what it entails, and succeed in everything I do that is related to it.

What I know for certain is that I am here to taste the divine nectar.  To listen to the quiet whisper that tells me what is best, and to exercise the strength and will to make that manifest.  I wish for you, dear friends, the same wherever you are planted.

Until Bali.