Off to Bali

This morning I awoke with an unusual feeling in my belly, as I take these next steps to what awakens me on the other side of the planet.  So much is new as we go out into the world with a new President-Elect, into the country where he spent years as a youth.  I can't help but wonder how that will influence the way we are perceived and treated by the Indonesian people.  Time will reveal these mysteries, and so many more.  We read yesterday that the Australian consulate was strongly discouraging travel to Bali d/t bomb threats.  I read the announcement with an open heart and it still feels right to go.  We are inland, in Ubud, which is touristy, but not nearly as the beach towns.  And it is touristy in a quiet sort of way, versus the beach towns which tend to have a much livelier night lift.  Ubud is a yoga and arts center with much less activities that might encourage terrorist attacks.  And, of course, we never know.  We can only journey as we are guided and Trust.

And, so.... this is the moment.  May we journey well, friends.  All of us, whether we journey across the seas or into the cosmic sea of our own consciousness.  

Take good care of one another and yourselves.  Love one another.  Open your hearts to all possibilities, and stretch your heart wings across the skies to embrace all living creatures.  Do good things and plant seeds of  loving kindness in your hearts.  May we be ourselves, openly and lovingly.  And in doing so, may we welcome others into our hearts without judgment or prejudice.  May we remember that we are here to Love.  

And as we enter into a new era of Hope, I leave you with the words of Candice Schutter, "Truth and transparency always lead us closer to what unites us in the end."  And so it shall be.

Until we meet again... in Godspeed.