Anointing My Spirit

It is the day after Thanksgiving, and I must first apologize for no podcasts or YouTube postings. It is not for lack of effort, but lack of internet cooperation.  Written words cannot express what these afternoon rains whisper to us each day.  

Yesterday, I recline on my bed with the doors wide open as the rain came down.  Realizing its healing power, but not quite knowing its message.  What is it that the rain does for one's spirit and soul?  It somehow settles us into our selves.  Quiets the breath and beckons us to be still for a while.  Water is this intermediary place between the earth and the ethers.  Another world in which we cannot survive with our human lungs.  But to watch it come down from the sky, now that is magic.  To see it sometimes come in misty cloak, while at other times come in vertical waves.  I can't help but know that it is here to teach me,  tell me, slow me down.  I am still "recovering" from my life in the U.S.  My firey nature is coming out of my skin.  First a tropical rash of sorts, then hives.   I feel my skin each morning and wonder what I can do today to rest more than the day before so that this inner fire can be distinguished and make way for new growth.  I trust that my body is healing.  And most vividly, I trust what is happening as imperative to my learning.

My wish for you, friends, is that as you enter into this holiday season, and bask in the reality of the U.S. economy and the fear and challenges that are all around us, that you breeeeeeeeeeathe deeply and take inventory, not of your stuff, but of the capacity to love that lives in your heart.  

We hope your Thanksgiving was....... indeed, filled with gratitude.