We Live in an Abundant Universe

Ahhhhh.... I taught my last Saturday Nia and Yoga class for six months today.  Finding the joy through the sadness was my gift.  I kept thinking, "Breeeeeeeathe...  Be in the Joy.  Beeee in the Joy."  Must say it was one of the richest classes I have taught in all my years.  I remember telling my Nia class that they would be getting "more of me" in the classes up until I left.  More of me means that I share openly that I believe.  Not as a dogma, or a religion, or even a "belief".  But rather as an open-ended, non-secular expression of oneness on this planet.  That we truly all are One.  Part and parcel.  As much a part of divinity as a drop of water is to the ocean.

And, that I know that these times on the planet are crucial.  They are more important that I believe we even realize.  They are the foundation for the future lives that our children's children will live upon and our choices will greatly impact their ease of existence.  May we Love big.  May we buy less sweatshop stuff.  May we vote with our dollars each and every day for what we believe in and what will be best for the future.  

And, if you aren't sure what is best, just keeping asking for guidance.  Take a breath.  Open your heart.  Ask, and then share the gift of YOU with others through your eyes, your hands and your connection...  Take a step closer to one another.  

I feel deep gratitude for all of the blessings, you, my dear, dear friends have bestowed upon me simply by loving me, laughing with (and at me in a loving sort of way), and dancing and breathing life into these crazy lives by my side.

I got love for you... 

I promise to write once more before we depart early Wednesday a.m.