Co-Co For Coconuts

Well, Dear Ones, we have arrived. And today is our third day here. We have unpacked and are adjusting to the time change quite nicely. Thank you for your blogs and direct emails. I do love hearing from you all.

This morning the owners of the land on which our rental house is built were rustling around in the jungle. Larry went outside to investigate and found a man shimmying up a coconut tree. We asked his wife (of 75+ years) if we could take a photograph, which we did. Although it didn't come out that great b/c he was more than four stories in the air. When he came down, he gave us a coconut.  Later, we asked Nuadi, our caretaker, how old the Bali Gent was and he said "80 or more". Darn magnificent to see such health in a country that has so little. Being here already reminds me how we have allowed our affluence to confuse us.

I have had two "phantom" phone calls during yoga practice. Once my first day here and once this morning. To hear my familiar cell phone ringing only to discover that it is not ringing at all because it is not even here was quite interesting. Oh, how the mind wants what it wants.

Studying Ayurveda is already rich. Today in my morning studies, I was reminded that we are a microcosm of the universe, and that earth, water, fire, air, and ether exist within each of us at all times. And that we are constantly impacted by one of three "influences", Rajas: the tendency to be disturbed (oh, where art thou cellphone during my meditation?), Tomas: the tendency to be in resistance (change? why would I want to change? I like my routine... please don't rock the boat) and Sattva: Harmony & balance... ("Ahhhhh....need I say more?") Indeed, this Sattva state is where we seek to be in the end, our natural state and the only place where we can receive love and love with an open and enduring heart.

Oh, do I wish you were here... Larry just said, "Oh, Britt.... Look at that statue over there." I looked and said, "Oh, how cute! There are two squirrels running on it! (in this indoor internet cafe)".... And then I watched one lunge of the statue and it's squirrel tail was long and skinny...

RATS! Only in Bali.

Love to you all,