The Jouney Begins...

What is the BloomLetter?

This Blog is a collaboration of inspiration.   It is the next evolution of the BloomLetter, for those of you who are subscribers.  And it is a way to awaken the deepest parts of our selves.  My intention is to share my inspirations, and to receive yours, with open heart.  My hope is that we practice being in harmony with the planet and one another and encourage Love to guide our way, as Love is all there really is.

As many of you know, my Love (also known as Larry, my husband) and I are venturing off to Bali, Indonesia for nearly six months. As I prepare to go, I realize that six months is one heck of a long time!   So much can happen in all of our lives in six months.  I feel deeply grateful for the life I have and the oneness I feel with the universe.... and in this oneness I remind myself daily, "thy will be done" not "my will be done".   

I fully believe that our lives are being called to a particular place where we can serve the highest good, and that the life we live there, in itself, becomes the teacher.  During this time in Indonesia, I aspire to listen closely for the call in my heart that reminds me to Love.  To trust.  To open.  It has taken more than 35 years to really know what it feels like when my heart is open.  And it is from that place that I know all is possible.   

As I prepare for this journey,  I set the intention to open myself completely to the richness of the Balinese spiritual community, my Yoga and Ayurveda studies, and the inner knowing that who I am is enough, and that all is right in the world...

Thank you, Marla, for sharing these words from Joseph Campbell with me:

This is a place where you can simply experience
and bring forth what you are and what you might be.
This is the place of creative incubation.  At first you might find 
that nothing happens here.
But if you have a sacred place and use it,
Something eventually will happen... 
Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again.