Betsy the Boy Cow!

Today, we went to Bauman's Farms in Gervais, OR to look at a cow.  Yep.  The whole purpose of the mission was to get a picture of a very particular cow.  Since we have been actively dreaming of our "new home" and yoga retreat center, I have also been diligently finding animals that I can add to my vision board.  This cow, we'll call her "Betsy", is exactly the type of cow that I would like, and I first met "her" a few weeks back when at Bauman's for a work function.  (Oh, and in the picture, don't mind the horns... Betsy is actually a boy, but such details will work themselves out when our "Betsy" finds her way home to us, don'tcha think?)   

Anyway, we have been finding ourselves dreaming of all of the animals that we will have and how they will contribute to our life, our Yoga, and our teachings, as with everything.... Something about cows are so beautiful.  Their noses, and particularly their eyelashes.  Can't help but love them.  They are sacred in India.  They offer incredible milk, butter, cheese, and dung, which is used in many parts of the world to fuel fires for preparing family meals and as construction materials for building homes.  

And so, as we were driving home, I heard in my mind the phrase, "divinity is in everything", and I found myself feeling deeply grateful for the opportunity to spend a few moments with Betsy the boy cow today. 

Truth is.  I think he/she liked me.  

Have a blessed day and may you see divinity everywhere you turn.  Enjoy the turning of the leaves.  It will only happen this once this year.

"These eyes through
which I hoped to 
see God,
are the eyes
through which God
sees me."
                                                       ~ Meister Eckhart