I go to the yoga mat because it made me a bunch of promises -- all of which it has always kept.

I used to go to the mat because it was a great way to strengthen my body.  But things have changed & now Yoga is my church.  

As I have experienced, yoga is based in and through Love and this has become the lens through which I choose to perceive all of life. It is yoga, or the union between and among all creatures, religions, peoples, cultures, and the Divine that is Love. And when I come to the mat, it is like I have come upon a hidden treasure, and I stuff my pockets full of gold and brilliance to pull out and use, barter, & share throughout my day.

When I practice, I see, taste, experience, and share more Love than when I am not practicing. It is that simple. My relationships are purposeful, richer, juicier, and more graceful. So is my body. 

My practice and teaching, of both yoga and ayurveda, are rooted in classical hatha and in non-dualistic Vedanta. Having been raised in America, I am inevitably influenced by allopathy, Western science, and the global challenges we face. These influences inspire me to teach from a seat of integration, inclusion, light, and strength. These principles guide my practice and my teaching. I believe that what we do on the mat translates into our life off the mat in the way we respond to our talents, limitations, and life experiences. The consciousness we cultivate on the mat is the consciousness we carry with us into our lives.  All that, and I do not adhere to any particular lineage, although I have been influenced and touched by many.  I don't do any particular kind of yoga:  I do yoga.

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