Welcome to 108 Days to Deva Daaru.  This is going to be guh-ood!

Here is how it works...

Each day, I will send you a tiny little "gem" from this forward up until August 20th. It will arrive in  your in email early in the morning in the Americas.     There will be a number on the bottom left of your "gem" indicating how many days until "Deva Daaru", and therefore how many more "gems" you will be receiving.  

What is Deva Daaru?  

Deva Daaru is the YogaFarm where we live and work and bring yoga and ayurveda in and through all we do.  On August 20th, we'll be having a Yoga + Farm Day for everyone who has signed up to receive these sweet little emails. 

But what if I live far away?  Or can't come?

No problem!  You'll still get all of these lovely little gems.  These reminders of how you bring more balance and light and Yoga (in the BIG sense of the term) into your life every single day!  

Remember:  to be invited to the Farm +Yoga Day, you've gotta register to receive these little tidbits and then come 21 days before the event you'll get your invitation :)  

That's the perk for being part of this community:  you will automatically receive an invitation to our Farm Day Event at Deva Daaru YogaFarm scheduled for Saturday, August 20th, 2016.  

Details will be unfolding, but the "gem" of it is that it is a day to celebrate our community at the YogaFarm.  There's not much more to it than that.

It's free.  It's a day in the country.  And it's going to be very, very sweet.  

There will be yoga, food, nature, and donkeys... and if you can't make it, we'll send you lots of love from the farm that day -- wherever you are across the globe.  



(only through August 20th... after that, we'll share good things with you now and again) 

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