89 Days to Deva Daaru

Let's talk about the Brahmastan.  The Brahmastan is the center of a Vastu Shastra home.  It is the middle of the square (mandala) of the home's footprint, and it is 1/9th of the house... the center, ruled by Brahma, the creator of the universe.  It is the spine, the central channel for life and light, and when you stand in it, and look directly N, S, E, and W from it, you can see outside.  No matter which floor.  It is to the home what one's spine is to the body, and it is free of furniture, electricity, and imediment.  Yesterday we marked it off exactly on the floor, so as to honor this space for SPACE itself...


Great to be in the 80's!  

89 Days to Deva Daaru... OM!