What do I receive?

Well, first of all, this is the inaugural run of this program and I am pricing way, way, way lower than I plan to be offering the next round of training.  It is $279 for 108 days and includes more than 20 audio and videos, my new book, Pilgrim:  Living Your Yoga Every Single Day, weekly calls (that are recorded for your listening pleasure whenever and however you see fit) and ongoing support throughout the program.


Who is this for?

Let's be frank.  Life is a challenge.  If you are like me, there is only so much we can do to prepare for the challenges life throws in our direction and the reality is that we need to be strong, balanced, flexible, and deeply grounded in some foundational practices in order to deal with the unexpected, the undeniably painful, and the realities that we ALL face as human beings walking through life.  

If you feel:

* Stuck, unfocused, and blah -- ever... this program can shift that for you.

You can feel:

* Free, focused, and inspired -- as your default -- in and through all challenges in life.  

I tell ya... even the tough stuff can feel really dang good!


If you want:

* meaning, purpose, and connection in your life.. behind what you have experienced in your whole life.... I have no doubt, because my life comes from these practices, that THIS program -- which is more than 25 years of my journey (which truly works) 


If you've tried:

other programs, gone on retreats, done the trainings, and spent money on programs that you are not currently implementing in your life, this program is 108 days of simple, gentle, sustainable practices... and I tell you:  IT WORKS.



Let’s talk a walk….

What is Pilgrim?

Pilgrim is a 108 Day immersion for those who see Yoga as a potential path to:

  • happiness for no(outside) reason
  • managing life’s ups and downs with grace
  • feeling wholeness, holiness and sacredness every single day
  • shortening the distance between “WHAT?”… and “Soooo what NOW?”


How Does the Program Work?

  • 15+ Weeks of guidance, support and a plethora (yes, a plethora!) of materials to help you embody the teachings
  • Ten Touchstones (topics to awaken grace, strength, and peace in life)
  • Weekly calls that set your week in motion with a schedule to guide you through your week, meditations, asana practices videos, audio teachings, and much more 
  • Online private forum for all participants to interact with me, share experiences, challenges and engage in all the benefits of Satsang


How much of a time commitment per day?

Pilgrim will take you as few as 10 minutes a day, and as long as you’d like to commit to your path.  Some days, my schedule barely allows me time on the mat, so my “practice” is the integration of yogic thinking in and through my whole life.  Other days, I can spend hours marinating in the Teachings.  This is what is available.


In addition, if you get into it and find the timing gets haywire with your life, you can engage as much as you’d like and all the materials will continue to be available to you, for you, for one year after the completion of the Pilgrimage.  So, you can do it on your own time, with all the support and materials at your fingertips.  


When does it start?

It begins Monday, September 14th and is complete on Wednesday, December 30th.  The way you enter into New Year 2016 is going to rock your world…. from the inside out, you will feel brilliant, alive, and ready for whatever it is you want to manifest.

Why I created this...

The truth for me is that I have found a way, that works, for me and for those who have walked with me, to journey inward and get a handle of life, while at the same time realize and recognize that nothing is constant.  Everything is changing all the time.  All is unpredictable.  And that is completely and fully okay -- when we know who we are.  We are not the hats we we wear.  We are not the roles we play, the labels or accolades or degrees, or high posts in our communities, our families and our work worlds.  We are enough AS IS simply AS WE ARE, and when we get this -- when we live this -- life is joyous.  Happiness is your DEFAULT... and it doesn't need a reason for you to go there.

I see so many people every day losing loved ones, dealing with challenges, diagnoses, and loss.  And what I know, in the depths of my soul is that there IS a way to navigate this life. There is a way to gather yourself, and begin to walk... into your own light, your own brilliance, your own wholeness...

And so, quite simply... I am sharing that journey, for as reasonable price as I can, for anyone who wants to walk.

It's yours for the asking.  And I would love to share what is brimming over within me as result of what I have learned from my own journey and my blessed walk as Yogini.